When Twilight Falls

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When Twilight Falls - A lone figure curled up to sleep outside, under a tree. There is an absent space next to them. Perhaps a missing friend or lover?  Perhaps the tree is a fairy tree and the fairy folk have claimed them? Or maybe this piece is about our homeless and the figure is a rough sleeper.

When Twilight Falls belongs to a series of sculptures I've made incorporating found objects.

I love to spend time walking the coastlines and looking for flotsam and jetsam. When I find something of interest, I can sometimes see precisely what I will use it for. Other times, I'll just take it with me to be figured out later. I collect these sea eroded & weathered objects, often man made, and it's nice to think that I am giving them a new purpose. 

Size: 30cm - 20cm - 15cm

Media: Found objects and ceramic figure.